Eman Mahmoud elmoghazy, Alshayma Ahmed Ali, Naglaa Ali khalifa, Ahmed Mohamed Salah


Background:Children with congenital heart disease (CHD) commonly experience delayed growth. Because growth and
development are closely related, both should be considered when a child’s progress is examined.A longitudinal study
was made of height and weight growth in children with cyanotic and acyanotic congenital heart disease. Values were
compared to agroup of children without heart disease. Retardation in height and weight was noted in all children with
cardiac disease but was more pronounced in those with cyanosis.
Aim: To compare growth in children with congenital heart disease and normal children. Materials and Method :casecontrol study ,the study took place in out_patient clinic and cardiology unit of pediatric department of faculty of
medicine in Zagazig Univesity of Zagazig University Hospitals This study was conducted on 30 infants & children ( 16
males & 14 females )with congenital heart diseases attending the pediatric cardiology unit in zagazig University
hospital, over a period of 6 months from february 2017 till July 2017, their age ranged from 2 months to 2 years old.
Thirty healthy children of sex & age matched to patients were taken as control group.Results :Asignificant difference
was found in both body height (P<0.05) and weight (P<0.05) between the two groups. More children with congenital
heart disease were below the 50th percentile in height (P<0.05) and weight(P<0.001). Conclusion:Children with CHD
were retarded in growth than normal children. Learning about the growth and developmental differences between
children with CHD and normal children may help parents of the former to detect problems associated with delayed
growth and development earlier. Keywords: growth, development, nursing, congenital heart disease, children.

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